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Luncheon Notices 2007

January 2007, "How the DEVIL Can an Entrepreneur get an ANGEL?"
    Wayne Tamarelli, PhD, MBA, President - AWT Private Investments

February 2007, "Raising Venture Capital? What Gets Edison Venture Fund's and Other VC's Attention"
    Chris Sugden, Partner - Edison Venture Fund

March 2007, "Presentations that Raise Venture Capital"
    Rich Erickson, Partner - Updata Partners

April 2007, "Optimizing Your Chances for VC Funding"
    Edwin A. Goodman, General Partner - Milestone Venture Partners

June 2007, "Building a Venture-Backed Company on the East Coast"
    Jose Ferreira, Partner - New Atlantic Ventures

  July 2007, "Cleantech - Alternative Energy and Other Industries Benefiting from
    Interest in the Environment"
    Alan Kelley, Managing Director - SJF Ventures

September 2007, "Software & Information Technology Investing: Micro and Macro Trends"
    Ben Levin, Managing Director - Insight Venture Partners

November 2007, "Why Venture Capital is Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place Today"
    Graham Anderson, General Partner - EuclidSR Partners

December 2007, "How to REALLY Get the Angels to Invest -
    Getting the Angels to Flap Their Wings for You"
    Jeanne Sullivan, Partner - Starvest Partners, L.P.




Expos 2007

May 2007
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October 2007
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