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Breakfast Notices

July 12, 2003, "Managing in the Era of Deflation"
    A. Gary Shilling, President - A. Gary Shilling & Co

Luncheon Notices 2003

January 2003, "What is a fair deal?  What is the right formula for a successful partnership between
    the venture capital investor and the entrepreneur?
    Robert Chefitz, General Partner - NJTC Venture Fund (

February 2003, "Raising Venture Capital: How VC's Evaluate Opportunities in Today's Environment"
    Jonathan Kane, Managing Director - Advanta Growth Capital

March 2003, "The 24 Show-Me's:  What I Need to See to Write a Check"
    Virginia Bonker, Partner - Blue Rock Capital (

April 2003, "Guerrilla Financing", "Strategic Alliances:  Partnering Your Way to Success"
    Dr. Gene Slowinski - Rutgers Business School  

June 2003, "We're Writing Checks - Hear What it Takes to Get One!"
    Conor Mullett, General Partner - Updata Venture Partners (

July 2003, "What is the Future of E-Business?"
    Dr. Mohamad Afshar
    Jim Gunton   

September 2003, "Going Public Through a Reverse Merger - Without an IPO"
    David N. Feldman, Esq., Managing Partner - Feldman Weinstein LLP

November 2003
    Joseph W. Bartlett, Esq., Founder of VC Experts, Inc.

December 2003, "The Venture Stars are in Perfect Alignment"
    Ed Goodman, Co-Founder - Milestone Venture Partners (

Dinner Meetings

June 2003, "Buying, Selling & Refinancing Middle Market Businesses During Challenging Times"
    Erik Rudolph - Goldsmith Agio Helms
    Douglas A. Parker - MidMark Capital
    Rich Mattessich, Esq. - Hale and Dorr LLP

April 2003, "Smart Networking:  How to Win New Clients, New Jobs & New Friends"
    Burt Alimansky - Managing Director, Alimansky Capital Group, Inc.

September 2003, "Recapitalizing Middle Market Companies"
    Peter Bennett - Goldsmith Agio Helms
    Rich Mattessich, Esq - Hale and Dorr LLP
    Douglas A. Parker - MidMark Capital

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