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Luncheon Notices 2005

January 2005, "Managing Venture Capital and Private Equity Through a 'Bubble Burst' and 9/11"
    Philip B. Smith, Director & Vice Chairman - iQ Venture Partners, Inc.

February 2005, "Don't Let Your Business Become a Casualty of the Internet"
    Scott Christie, Partner - McCarter & English

March 2005, "Technology Enabled Services - The Next Frontier in Technology Venture Capital"
    Fred Wilson, Managing General Partner - Union Square Ventures 2004, LP

April 2005, "Learn About the EDA's Toolbox of Programs That Can Help Your Business Grow"
    Caren S. Franzini, Chief Executive Officer - NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA)

June 2005, "Think Like an Angel"
    John Ason, Angel Investor
    Jim Gunton, General Partner - NJTC Venture Fund
    A. Wayne Tamarelli, Ph.D., Angel Investor

July 2005, "Founders are from Mars, Angels are from...Pluto?! -
    The Alternate Realities of Entrepreneurs and Investors"
    David S. Rose, Chairman - New York Angels
    & CEO - Angelsoft

September 2005, "EDA's New Technology Program that Helps
    New Early Stage Businesses: TECHNIUUM"
    Caren S. Franzini, CEO - NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA)
    Kathleen Coviello, Program Manager, Science & Technology - EDA

November 2005, "Chess Lessons for the Entrepreneur"
    Bob Rice, Investor

December 2005, "The New Deal - Expansion Stage Capital in 2006"
    Lawrence Handen, Managing Director - Insight Venture Partners

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