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Luncheon Notices 2010

January 19, 2010 Raising Money - A VC's Perspective
   Zach Schildhorn, Associate, Lux Capital

 February 16, 2010 Raising the Series A Round
    David Drahms, Vice President, Osage Partners

 March 23, 2010 Reverse Mergers and Other Alternatives to Traditional IPOs
    David N. Feldman, Esq., Author & Managing Partner, Feldman LLP
      Reverse Mergers Presentation

 April 20, 2010 How to Raise Capital in the Current Economic Climate
    F. Morgan Rodd, Jr., Partner, Milestone Venture Partners

 May 24, 2010 Spring Entrepreneurs Expo & Elevator Pitch Olympics

 June 15, 2010 Angel Investing - A Value to Investors and Entrepreneurs
    Joan Zief, Deal Director, Golden Seeds

 July 20,2010 Getting a Venture Capitalist to Say "Yes"
    Mark Davis, DFJ Gotham Ventures

 September 21, 2010 Value Drivers & The Entrepreneur's Dilemma
    Frank J. Graziano, Angel Investor, Managing Partner, Monmouth Venture Partners, LLC & 
    Managing Director, Golden Seeds

 October 25, 2010 Fall Entrepreneurs Expo & Elevator Pitch Olympics
       1st Place - Joseph Brennan, President, Trinity-Noble LLC
       2nd Place - Ron Goldberg, CEO, Kineticane, LLC
       3rd Place - Krista Bard, Partner/Founder, PIQSEE

    November 16, 2010 From Entrepreneurship to Spaceship
    Greg Olsen, President, GHO Ventures

 December 14, 2010 Venture Funders Should Be Asking:  "Was Baron Rothschild Right?"
     A. Wayne Tamarelli, Ph.D., Angel Investor, President, AWT Private