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Luncheon Notices 2006

January 2006, "What Your Mother Never Told You About VCs"
    Charles Crockett, Partner - Ascend Venture Group

February 2006, "Here's the Term Sheet That Early Stage VCs Will Agree to Sign*...
    *...provided that they want to back your company in the first place"
    Josh Grotstein, Co-Founder & Partner - SAS Investors

March 2006, "VCs Really Do Write Checks"
    Chris Sugden, Partner - Edison Venture Fund

April 2006, "What Does It Take to Get This Angel Investor to Write the First Check?"
    Robert J. Gailus - LENOX Venture Partners, LLC

June 2006, "Building a Successful Start-up: Observations from a VC"
    Roger L. Krakoff, Venture Partner - Sigma Partners

July 2006, "The Next Big Generation of Information Technology Innovation:
    Technology Enabled and Business Information Services"
    Steve Brotman, Managing Director - Silicon Alley Venture Partners (

September 2006, "Reverse Mergers: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO"
    David N. Feldman, Esq., Author & Managing Partner - Feldman Weinstein & Smith, LLP

November 2006, "Greg Olsen's History of Starting and Selling 3 Companies
    A Personal Adventure: From Serial Entrepreneur to Space Traveler"
    Greg Olsen, President - GHO Ventures

December 2006, "Doing a Deal? How to Find Out Who That Guy Really Is!
    Business Due Diligence and Investigations in a Global Business World"
    Steven Rambam, President - Pallorium, Inc.

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